Sunday, December 16, 2012

Third Sunday of Advent - Tercer Domingo de Adviento

Texts/Textos:  Zephaniah/Sofonías 3:14-20, Isaiah/Isaías 12:2-6, Philippians/Filipenses 4:4-7, Luke/Lucas 1:  26-38
Reflection question:  Joy:  What joy is waiting to be born from you?*
Pregunta de Reflexión:  Gozo:  ¿Cuál gozo está esperando nacerse de ti?


Rather than a reading with the lighting of the Joy candle, the invitation was extended to reflect on why joy must be invoked even in times such as these.

We offer for the coming of the Winter Solstice, this Blessing for the Longest Night by Jan L. Richardson

*The phrasing of this question comes from Dirty Sexy Ministry's post, "Why Advent Matters."

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